Training - Bike Maintenance Day 2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

A day spent with Richard Pearsall on to increase knowledge and practical skills for servicing and delivering bike hire.

During the day the team had a chance for practical hands on experience with the bikes and tools. Content covered includes;

• Update on the hire agreement and hire. How to record, importance of customer experience, possible trails, equipment and bikes.

• Completing an quality M-check (ability to teach junior staff) & progressing on to a full service

• Fitting brake pads / aligning brakes and bedding in (inc. cleaning pads and discs)

• Replacing a chain (when, how, why)

• Headset rebuild & adjustment

• troubleshooting gears.

• Indexing gears & sweating limit screws (quick clean of cables)

• Tightening wheels hubs

• Replacing tubes

• Cleaning & degreasing bikes

• Leaving bike hire area tidy & fit for purpose

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