Short catch up w/ minor issues

I had messages from Imogen after working hours last night asking for a chat regarding a few issues she had on 3rd July 2021.

In the morning we discussed how she was put onto safety checks on the 3rd July, by SI Chris Cartmel. There were a few inconsistencies with the safety check paperwork and what was in front of her down at Bucklers Hard, with this, she contacted CC and between them, they sorted it out with CC making some decisions by looking at previous checks. Imogen was concerned she had been 'wasting her time' and 'corners were being cut'.

I explained that the safety checks are there for the purpose to have a record that our equipment is being checked and is fit for purpose. Safety-critical items such as safety kits and Buoyancy Aids are paramount to be checked but items such as paddles, wetsuits and maybe even boats are checked for wear and tear and almost stock checked to ensure we have the right number still. It is expected that all staff do a quick check over their boats they hand out on the day to make sure it's fit for purpose so when it comes to the monthly checks, this can be taken into account.

I had been made aware by Imogen that she spent most of last night frustrated and annoyed so I asked her to not worry as much as measures are put in place for these items and it's proved over the last 18 years of NFA running that there are reasons as to why it works like it currently works.

On an unrelated note, due to Imogen not being too confident on the water leading a group I offered her a competent assistant today with the weather forecast being force 4, she declined this assistant for her group of 4 paddlers.

Secondly, she had some spare time this morning so I offered her time to do her apprenticeship coursework or there were archery fixes to be done, she declined and chose to do the archery fixes.

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